Route VL4

Thurleigh - Harrold - Lavendon - Olney - Milton Keynes

When: 2nd Tuesday of each month

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Thurleigh, The Close0900RRMilton Keynes, The Point Stop J31230
Milton Ernest, Queens Head0905RRMilton Keynes, Food Centre Stop B31230
Radwell Village0907RROlney, Market Place1245
Felmersham, Sun0910Lavendon, Cross1250
Carlton, Crossroads0918Harrold, Centre1300
Carlton, The Fox0920Carlton, The Fox1305
Harrold, Centre0925Carlton, Crossroads1307
Lavendon, Cross0935Felmersham, Sun1313
Olney, Market Place0940Radwell Village1315RR
Milton Keynes, Marks & Spencer0958Milton Ernest, Queens Head1317RR
Milton Keynes, The Point1000Thurleigh, The Close1322RR